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Switching Investment Options

As a member of ADF Super, you can switch investment options as many times as you wish. However, switching fees may apply if you switch more than twice in any financial year.

You can choose to invest in up to four investment options to suit your needs and objectives. You can choose a different investment strategy for your future contributions and existing account balance, or you can elect the same strategy for both.

Until you make a choice, your super balance and contributions will be invested in MySuper Balanced, the default investment option for ADF Super members. 

How do I switch?

Log in to ADF Super Member Online or use our Investment choice form. You'll receive written confirmation when your investment switch has been processed.

1. When can I switch?

You can switch at any time. If your switch request is received after 3pm on a business day or on a non-business day, it will be considered received the next business day.

Switch requests are processed within four business days of receipt.

Keep in mind that super is an investment for your retirement, so it is often worthwhile to select and stick with a strategy that suits your long-term needs and goals.

2. Which unit prices will be applied to my balance if I switch?

The relevant buy and sell unit prices for the day your switch takes effect will be applied.

For information on how we calculate unit prices, refer to the Investment Options and Risk booklet, which forms part of the ADF Super Product Disclosure Statement.

3. How much does it cost to switch?

Your first switch is free if made within 30 days of joining ADF Super. You then get two free investment switches each year. (Note: These can’t be rolled to future years.)

Extra switches cost $20 each, and are deducted from your super balance.

4. Can I cancel my switch request?

No, you cannot cancel your switch request. However, you can override your first request by submitting a second request the same day.

If you submit your subsequent request after 3pm on the same business day, your first request will be effective before the second request takes effect.

Keep in mind that once you use your free switches each year, each further switch request (even if overridden) will cost $20, deduced from your super account.

5. Can investment switches be suspended?

Yes. Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (the trustee of ADF Super) reserves the right to suspend member switches if there is a major material event that impacts one or more of the investment options. Switches would be suspended until the matter is resolved. In such an event, we’ll keep members informed through this website.

6. How can I get financial advice?

We recommend you seek personal financial advice before you switch. Visit our "Advice and education" page to learn more.