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ADF Super overview

ADF Super is a new superannuation scheme for members of the Australian Defence Force. The scheme responds to the military community's desire for greater flexibility in their superannuation.

ADF Super is a contemporary superannuation scheme designed to reflect a broad range of military career paths. In 2016, only some people will join the military and stay until their retirement. Many others choose to serve for a set period, then leave, whether that's to pursue another career, or start a family. Other people may choose to rejoin the military later in life.

This superannuation scheme is designed for the spectrum of life circumstances.

How does ADF Super benefit members?

ADF Super retains many of the advantages of existing military superannuation schemes, including being easy to join and competitive fees. Some of the benefits we offer members include: 

  • Generous employer contributions: The ADF contributions into your super are 16.4%.
  • Profit for members: ADF Super is a profit-for-members fund, which means we return all net investment returns to members.
  • Easy to join: ADF Super is the default superannuation scheme if you join the military after July 1 2016.
  • Control of your finances: You don’t have to make compulsory contributions from your own pay, though you can still do this if you choose.
  • Competitive fees.
  • Experienced investment management: ADF Super is managed by Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC), which also manages MilitarySuper and DFRDB.

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Who can join ADF Super?

ADF Super is open to military personnel including:

  • People becoming a member of the Permanent Defence Forces or commencing as a continuous full-time reservist on or after July 1 2016.
  • MilitarySuper members who elect to become ADF Super members. Please note that MilitarySuper members who elect to become ADF Super members will no longer be able to contribute to MilitarySuper.
  • MilitarySuper and DFRDB pension recipients (excluding MilitarySuper invalidity pensioners) who return to the permanent forces or become continuous full-time reservists on or after 1 July 2016.

Current contributing DFRDB members will not be able to join ADF Super.

Reservists who are not continuous full-time reservists are not eligible for the 16.4% employer contribution.


ADF Super features generous employer contributions.

  • The employer contribution rate is 16.4%.
  • You won’t be required to make contributions from your own pay.
  • You can choose to make salary sacrificed and after-tax contributions, and roll in money from other super schemes.

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Investment choices

With ADF Super you have the option to choose from four investments options, including:

  1. Cash
  2. Income Focused
  3. MySuper Balanced
  4. Aggressive.

By default, if you do not select your investment option your super will be invested in our MySuper Balanced option, but you can easily change your investment.

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Fees and charges

ADF Super fees and charges are competitive. ADF Super offers employees of the Australian Defence Force the opportunity to be part of the government super environment together with a competitive fee structure. ADF Super pays no commissions to financial planners. As a result, you have more money working for you.

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This superannuation scheme is designed for the spectrum of life circumstances.

When you retire

ADF Super is a ‘profit-for-members’ accumulation fund. This means that your super contributions, along with your investment earnings, accumulate to form your retirement benefit.

Because super is a long-term investment for your future, there are rules restricting when you can access it. Generally, you can only withdraw super once you reach:

  • your preservation age (which is 60 years of age for everyone born after 30 June 1964) and permanently retire
  • age 60 and leave your employer
  • age 65.

When you retire, ADF Super will pay your benefit to you as a lump sum.

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Injury and death

It's important that you nominate a beneficiary so you can rest assured your super will be paid to the right person if something happens to you. To nominate a beneficiary, complete a beneficiary nomination form.

The Government understands that as a military member it may be hard to get access to affordable death and invalidity cover. That’s why ADF Cover is being implemented.

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If you are permanently unable to return to work, you can apply to have your accumulated superannuation benefit paid to you.

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